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Socially Focused, LLC is a digital marketing agency operated by Gidget Pugh. We transcend in creative strategy and execution. Gidget knows the ropes and understands what it takes for local business owners and non-profit organizations to aggressively compete in the world of online marketing, not to mention very passionate about helping business like yours.

Blueprint to Building a Profitable Brand - Gidget Pugh

Blueprint to Building a Profitable Brand

Former Silicon Valley Executive Gidget Pugh's Guide To Building A Profitable Personal Brand

What I Do

Leverage Digital Marketing Tactics To… Attract, Engage and Convert Your Target Audience

“Leverage Digital Marketing Tactics To… Attract, Engage and Convert Your Target Audience”


Expanding your
Business with

and Brand Development

Your brand identity helps you to differentiate from the competition and properly position your brand.

Gidget works with you to develop, position, and manage your brand, ensuring your target audience perceives you in a way that adds to your bottom line.

She’ll help you connect your brand’s visual image and message with human emotions, ensuring excellent customer experience and your brand’s long-term success.

Establish Yourself as

in Your Space

You have a chance to build a brand that transcends being the owner of a single entity, and become known as an expert, a thought leader, an industry player in your field. 

Most importantly, you can build a brand as a real human being that people want to know, trust, learn from–and yes, buy from.

Research, Insight, Branding, and Positioning

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