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Gidget Pugh is a personal branding expert and public speaker with more than two decades of sales and marketing experience. A native of Oakland, California, Pugh started her career in sales and marketing in Silicon Valley, selling software for big name companies like IBM, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, and Facebook.

She spent almost twenty years making her mark there, closing a number of multi-million dollar deals and becoming the first account manager to close a $750,000 deal over the phone with major retailer Sports Authority. Shortly after this achievement, she made a deal with retailer Boscovs to outsource their entire electronic data Interchange infrastructure to her company. It was yet another first for her employer, earning her the nickname “pit bull in a skirt.”

She didn’t stop there. She hit yet another home run by opening doors to Major League Baseball Enterprises. Her persuasive skills brought in a deal for over $1 million in first-year billings.


In 2016, Pugh took what she learned from her years of sales and marketing experience and used it to build Socially Focused, LLC, a company that aims to help small business owners compete with larger companies in their industries by leveraging emerging technologies.

Pugh uses her strong connections, consistent success and years of experience to give small businesses the tools they need to not just grow, but thrive in the modern business atmosphere. She imparts a customer-centric philosophy that encourages her clients to put the consumer first.

In addition to her work as a marketing expert, Pugh is also a personal branding strategist who uses her knowledge to teach others through public speaking engagements and motivational content. As a woman of color in a white male dominated field, Pugh has learned the value of strength, confidence and a strong sense of personal branding as the means to set herself apart from the crowd. She uses this knowledge to guide other entrepreneurs and businesspeople to speak their truth and own their power – confidently and with purpose.

Dubbed “The Real California Gidget” by her clients, Pugh is valued for her honesty, commitment, and in-depth industry knowledge.